Alcoholics Anonymous vs. the Doctors

Alcoholics Anonymous vs. the Doctors

I came across this page this morning and felt it was a good piece so thought I would link to it.

Alcoholics Anonymous vs. the Doctors

It is interesting, as it talks about how AA holds back progress in recovery one way or another. It talks about people in AA who are anti medication, and this was true of my sponsor who had a big influence over me for a while. It talks about medical methods from the past that have not been that great but points out the differences and advantages of some of the new drugs that are available. It also mentions moderation and the faith side of AA and the 12 step world

There are the usual type of comments that you get when there is any criticism of AA or the 12 step world. Many people post how AA has saved them etc. I am glad for them but am sad that they never want to acknowledge, that so many fail because AA is not suitable for them. I watched the people come into meetings saying they had relapsed and came to the conclusion that I was in the wrong place and looked for better solutions. I am glad I found them!


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  1. You are finding some really good articles. I had talked to a 12 stepper PR person a couple of years ago tell me of his frustration that when he went to doctors offices and tried to give them info on AA, he was brushed off and they were not interested for the most part. I found this little insight great news because it seem to reflect a possible turning of the tides.

    Like this article stresses Doctors are and have been a big part of the problem in not allowing the treatment of addiction to become progressive and more advanced. There are methods that do seem to to be effective- but steppers and their cult following have tried to hide the new progresses being made in the addiction field. It seems with the internet today, and so many people speaking out against AA and NA that people are starting to come out of the woodwork and speak their mind about the harmful impact on the 12 step modality and the better options out there.

  2. I do think changes are coming. The soberistas site has had another 2000 people join since the start of the year, and many of them talk about how they did not want to go to go to AA although a few like it. I know that insurance companies are not impressed by the results of 12 step rehabs. I think the more people that talk about this in a sensible manner the better. I actually think the pro 12 step posts on sites such as the fix are useful, as any normal person reading them will realise there is something crazy about it all.
    I am going to try and concentrate on good recovery methods for a bit. The leaving AA stuff has got the site some attention which is good, but I want it to be picked up by other people as well. Recovery is an important topic in the UK at the moment and a lot of the alternative methods are being picked up by the media.

  3. Hopefully in time other alternatives will be more of the mainstay of recovery and AA just an option for some- but not the 1st line of defense in recovery. I think AA being part of some articles is good because many will be doing google searches about AA thinking it is the 1st line of defense.

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