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BBC Scotland on Alcoholics Anonymous

Just a quick mention about a quick piece on BBC Radio Scotland today about AA. It featured Jon who blogs about leaving AA here and had a couple of people call in who had also left AA. Here is a link to the BBC Radio Scotland broadcast

I thought they all did well mentioning that although AA helped them, there are problems with AA, especially with the way that sponsors are not trained in any way and can give poor advice. It is a shame it was not longer, but is well worth a listen.

The effectiveness of AA is being questioned, especially as there are more modern methods such as the Sinclair Method that have the potential to reach so many people who are not attracted to or motivated by the AA total abstinence approach, and there is a common view that people can be helped with drinking problems before they hit a “rock bottom”

I think the people who phoned into the show reflected most people who move on from AA and not the minority who attempt to attack it and destroy its reputation. It is a shame that these people do not have much of a voice on many online forums, as they could influence many to look for alternatives to AA to deal with many issues. They are the type of people who can get the attention of the mainstream press, who will hopefully talk more about alternative methods to the old-fashioned 12 step solution.

Skeptics in the Pub – AA

I will be meeting up with Jon next Wednesday when he does one of his great talks about AA in Skeptics in the pub meeting in Lewes.



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