Her Best-Kept Secret

Her Best-Kept Secret, Why Women Drink – And How They Can Regain Control


I was really surprised at how thought-provoking this book was by Gabrielle Glaser. It gives a good, well researched background into the way that America’s drinking culture has changed over the years, and I am old enough to have seen some of the changes take place. A lot of the book is about how the wine industry has developed over time. It is now available in supermarkets and is sold as a sophisticated product for those that enjoy the fine things in life. Wine is viewed in a totally different way, by many to “hard liquor” such as whiskey and the book looks at the implications of this.


It shows the way people view women who drink, has changed, over time. It was something that was looked down on in the past, but social attitudes have changed over the years and with the aid of clever marketing, wine has become part of many women’s life. It then points out that many women are looking for some form of escape from the stress of life, or the family environment. She points out that these women are very different form the type of people who the 12 step AA group was setup to support. These men were bottom of the barrel, hard-drinking middle-aged lowlifes, not ladies with a self-esteem issue after years of being bombarded by advertising.


She then says whey AA is not suitable for many women and talks about the dangers they may face in certain groups. Other methods that help with building self-esteem are discussed as well as using solutions such as “Naltraxone” and moderation which may suit some.  It does not go into massive depth about these issues, but provides enough information for the reader to go and do some further research or ask a doctor for more sensible solutions to the widely practiced 12 step method, which has become part of the culture in the USA. I think many people who have joined the “Soberistas” site would be interested in this book, and would find it valuable because it looks at the problems women face in the world today, in a straight forward non judgemental way.  It would compliment the book that the “Soberistas” site owner wrote called “the sober revolution – calling time on wine o’clock”.


I think both these books do a good job of looking at the problems of alcohol abuse in modern times. I feel that people are often given the unfortunate label of alcoholic, rather quickly these days, by those who are influenced by the 12 step brigade. I think we need to accept that the world has moved on since 1935, and recovery solutions should reflect this. This book provides the reader with some good ideas, that they may find useful, rather than condemning them to a lifetime of guilt and seedy meetings in church basements, with dysfunctional people. There are many good ways of making recovery possible for a larger number of people today, and this book helps point these methods out.

Here is a link to the author’s site http://gabrielleglaser.com

Here are some more reviews on Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16130272-her-best-kept-secret

Here is a critical article on the Fix that has a lot of comments that argue the book is good. http://www.thefix.com/content/sinclair-method-Naltrexone-glaser-AA-alternatives2099 Most of the critical views are from people who are members of 12 step groups and who can’t seem to stomach the thought that there alternative ways to recover. They seem to see it as an attack on their religion which is what the 12 step world has become for many, rather than a practical way to beat addiction.



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