Bill White speech

Bill White speech

I just came across this site about the way recovery is changing and watched the first part of the videos. I was impressed by the way Bill White talks about the different types of people who are in recovery. He also talks about the need to try to integrate into normal life. He describes those, who are only really happy within a recovery group. I found many such people in AA.

I have not had a chance to listen to all he has to say, but will try to do so soon as he seems quite interesting. He describes people like myself who do not consider themselves to be in recovery any more. He also talks about stability over time and how this may change the view of chronic alcoholism.

He seems to have come from a 12 step background but he has many different ideas and talks about the role of the family.

He talks about people going to several groups such as AA and Smart. This is something I feel is important. for example you can use AA as a place to go for early recovery and some daily fellowship while following Smart for a more rational approach to getting well, for those who are not interested in God and the steps.

This is something I don’t like about some of the anti AA sites who are simply out to attack AA, without providing a place for fellowship. They are as bad as the hardcore 12 step brigade, who say my way or no way. Although AA was not suitable for me, I’m glad I had something to go to in those first evenings after work, even if the God stuff, conflicted with my own belief system.  I wish I had known about other methods when I started out, so I could have tried a few methods. As I live in a big city, it was easy to just get drawn into the very step based AA groups, which are far away from normal living. I’m glad people are talking about alternatives and what works in a rational way.




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