Blog talk radio – recovery shows

Blog talk radio – recovery shows

Just thought I would mention a couple of internet based radio type shows which are normally interesting. This weeks versions were pretty good. the first is done by Monica who has the LeavingAA site, Stop the 13th step site in AA and is making the film about the 13th step . She has done many Blogtalk radio shows over the past couple of years on a vast variety of subjects. This weeks show is about the religious side of AA and includes a mention of the book I was recently talking about here. AA-How Alcoholics Anonymous Steals Your Soul Indoctrinating America in 12 Easy Steps

She talks with Laura Thompkins, and they make some great points about AA and how it works as a strange religion for many people who get involved. The broadcast is quite humorous at times, especially when they read things from the “Big Book” which sound rather ridiculous after you have left. They also talk about Bill Wilson and how he was probably not the best person to set up a recovery program! There are many other shows available, on a wide range of alcohol recovery related matters, including many interviews with people who have written good books on the subject. I am glad that Monica is making good progress on her film, which I am sure will provoke a lot of discussion.

New Self Help Podcasts with stop13stepinaa on BlogTalkRadio

Another show that is interesting is done by Kenneth Anderson from the Hams network  which offer an alternative harm reduction program to AA. In this weeks show he talks to Rachel Black who wrote the “Sober is the New Black” book and is a member of the soberistas site  which helps so many people (especially women), in a safe online environment that has a 24 hour chatroom and other great functions.  I think it is refreshing to hear from different  people who do not just settle for an old-fashioned method such as AA and who are doing something more up to date.


More Self Help Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Kenneth Anderson on BlogTalkRadio

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