Today I have been looking around the web at different blogs( it’s been slow at work). I’m surprised at what I have found. There are so many niche sites about people doing recovery their own way and getting support from others. I did not find any sites like these when I stopped which was a few years ago but I am glad this is happening now. When I stopped there was not much at all appart from the orange papers site,which was more of an attack on AA, which I have to admit I enjoyed, having got fed up with the fellowship. After a while I found stinkin thinkin which was a fast moving site, that was great for a couple of years.

I love this side of the web, it is so positive, and it allows people to make connections in a safe way. It is not seedy like some meetings and their is tremendous variety. I think that most people do actually give up on their own. They just get to the point of having enough and decide to change. A lot of the blogs which I have looked at today reflect that,and I have added them as links. They are not boring recovery councillors,or Big book thumpers with their quaint language, but normal people who have decided to change their ways. They are not insane, but people who have got used to the crutch of alcohol but have realised life if going down hill as a result.

I like the informal approach to these blogs,and the groups that are forming. I have put a few comments down and will go back in the near future to see what they are up to. I like the true annonymity of the blogging world. People are coming together throughout the world and are not going to be the subject of vicious rumours or finger pointing in coffee shops. They are just trying to help one anonther and give some support. A lot of these people have a good sense of humour and are really living life and travelling the world. These are the sort of things that I have enjoyed in the last few years. I have been two four concerts in the last two weeks as well as several other social events. I am looking foward to the Christmas period and catching up with old friends. I won’t be the one who makes an arse of himself at the Christmas party, ( at least I hope not) but I will enjoy seeing who does.

I think it is a great idea to start a blog when you decide to give up especially if you get a few readers. It will give you a valuable record of the initial struggle but hopefully you can make some friends while you are writing it. It is great to find people who have similar experiences or who have overcome similar problems.

Anyway happy thanksgiving to all those in America, where most of the people who have found this blog seem to come from.

Have a great day and catch up soon.



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