More books from members of the soberistas site.

More books from members of the “soberistas” site.

I have written quite a few posts about good things that have come from the Soberistas website for those wishing to change their drinking habits. It is refreshing to see a site that simply offers support and suggestions, in a common sense manner, and does not preach or attack certain recovery methods. It is an up to date solution, for people in the modern world and has resulted in a lot of people making contact with each other and starting blogs which generally are about the first year of going alcohol free. They discuss the problems that these people face, and the solutions which help them.

The site owner Lucy Rocca, has written several books, which really seem to have inspired a lot of people who would not have joined conventional recovery groups and she talks about empowering herself. She uses many of the methods, that I have found to be useful myself. I wrote about her first book here

Another book which was written by Rachel Black who has now written some more is here. I felt she captured the first year of stopping drinking, and the reasons for doing so well. Although this site was originally aimed at people who had been through the recovery mill, I do feel these books are helpful reminders of the early days for those people who have been alcohol free for a decade or so and may have forgotten what those early days are to party sober  The idea of drinking is slightly abstract to me now, and I do not react in the same way that I did in the early days, but I have seen quite a few people with lots of alcohol free time become complacent and then mess things up. I think keeping in touch with others and occasionally reading books such as these helps keep people’s feet on the ground.  Reading some of the blogs on the soberistas site, where people are having tough time, also helps strengthen my resolve, not to want to go back to drinking.

Here is a link to the new book by Rachel Black called “How to Party Sober” which gives lots of up to date tips on dealing with common problems when going to a social event when you have first started to live an alcohol free life. I am sure that I would have found many of the ideas useful if I had been aware of them when I first stopped, and in fact some methods she talks about, are solutions, that I have used myself after discovering them later on in my alcohol free life. When I first stopped, I read the practically useless “Living Sober” which was an AA book, and like so much of AA literature is out of date and irrelevant, to the problems that people face in modern life. I would recommend that people read this book, who are in their early days of stopping drinking, and who feel self-conscious without a drink.

I am glad that people are taking the time to help others with their experiences and really put some work in writing these books.

Another one which has just  come out is “Staying Sober How to control the drink demon” by Binki Laider.
 Binki is another blogger from the soberistas site who has written a book which covers the thing that was going wrong in her life and some of the things that she needed to change to live a better life. staying soberLike many she had a tough time at times in life and got used to blocking things out with alcohol, which caused even more problems over time. Many drink as a way to cover up low self-esteem in modern times and unfortunately this can lead to greater problems later on in life and something, that I can relate to. We are virtually the same age (to within a few weeks) and both have had bad accidents as a result of drinking (this did not stop us!). we have also had bad relationships and suffered from self-esteem issues.

A lot of the book, is about the first hundred days of stopping, which she does with the aid of the soberistas online group. It gives an impressive account, of the good things about stopping and also some of the difficulties. She has certainly worked on her lifestyle and seems to making good progress overall. Both her story and Rachel’s validate the soberistas style approach which seems to help a lot of people. There are very few books out there that deal with the first few months of going alcohol free from somebody attempting to change their life’s perspective. I feel that these books are really important as they will give a lot of people hope that they can change. I think if you can believe that you can change and can see others succeeding, you stand a much better chance of success yourself. I think the first few hundred days were the hardest for me, although I did have a bad patch after about 18 months when my privacy, was intruded on, by AA members, and I had other issues through being part of the 12 step movement. Thankfully by that time I had discovered some of the CBT type techniques etc that are mentioned in the books above, and was able to leave the old-fashioned 12 step world behind, which was not a suitable place for me to remain.

All the people I have mentioned are regular bloggers and are part of a great online community that shares ideas and supports other members. It is really refreshing to see that people are responding well to different approaches and who are getting the most out of life. I found I had to re learn how to deal with many situations in life that I could not have faced without a drink in the past, and have used many of the ideas that are presented in these books myself. It was good to see they worked for other people as well. As time has past, things have become easier for me and I think the same will be true for these writers. I look forward to seeing what they do next and what approaches they find useful in the future.  The more you put in to leading an alcohol free lifestyle, the better it is. Many people just sit around in front of the television after putting the booze down and wonder why their life does not improve. Hopefully these books will inspire people to really do something positive about changing their lives.







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  1. This is awesome..soo cool

  2. It is great to see people taking the time in early recovery to write down their experiences to help others, who will be encouraged to fight addiction in their early days. If people see others getting well using a variety of methods they will be encouraged. Old traditional 12 step literature fails to connect with many today as does it’s religious message.

  3. HI Loving Life, thank you so much for featuring my book How to Party Sober on this blog. I am so pleased to hear you opinion that the book is up to date and useful. As you say, anything that helps in those difficult early days is worth a look. No point in everyone having to re-invent the wheel themselves. Thanks for sharing it.

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