Breaking Addiction: A 7-Step Handbook for Ending Any Addiction

Breaking Addiction: A 7-Step Handbook for Ending Any Addiction

Dr Lance Dodes

I have read many books about addiction over the past eight years, to educate myself in way to prevent my old behaviour coming back. This has to be one of the very best, and I rate Lance Dodes as one of the best writers on the subject. This book should be read by everyone who has some involvement with addiction, as it really gives a great insight into the triggers of addictive behaviour and how to deal with them.

There are sections that would help the addict themself come to terms with their problems, as well as explanations which would help family members understand what is going on. There is a section at the end for those involved in professional therapy, and I am sure many in the treatment industry would gain a lot from the insight here. breaking addiction book

Lance has found that addictive acts are often driven by feelings of helplessness and explains how these powerful feelings set addiction on motion. He talks about how to recognise this taking place and a path to taking back control again.

Lance has also written the “Heart of Addiction” which explains the underlying emotions behind addiction and I would recommend anyone with an interest in overcoming addiction to read both. This is certainly a very different approach to that taken by the 12 step world, but one that could help a lot of people. Lance has been critical, but fair about the AA 12 step approach and the way that the treatment industry has become 12 step based in the “Sober Truth”, which is another excellent book.

The book contains many case studies, and explains why different types of people fall into addictive behaviour. It then offers an intellectual way out, that helps you deal with the emotions and the cravings as well as the feelings of helplessness. I believe self empowerment can help many people, and it certainly helped me. Many people are caught up in old-fashioned ideas about addiction, that have been around since the temperance movement and the 12 step world moralised addiction, many years ago. I feel we need to look at the way addiction is handled again and this book presents many great ideas that could bring positive change. It is such a shame that this type of book is not on sale in many recovery groups when people turn up looking for help. I really do think this seven step approach is a great way to approach addiction recovery, and is written in a really engaging way. It is also important to realise that many with addictions tend to jump from one addiction to another and the old fashioned methods do not deal with this effectively unlike this book. This book would also give you some ideas to discuss with a proper (not 12 step) therapist if you chose to go that way.

Lance Dodes has his own site here

My review of the “Heart of Addiction”

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