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CBS 48 has been taking an interest in the Karla Brada case recently, which resulted in the conviction of Eric Allen Earle with a 26 year prison term for murdering Karla. They met in AA, where Eric had been sent on many occasions by the courts despite having a bad criminal record. The combination of an experienced criminal who was aware that he would meet vulnerable women in AA, being allowed to mix with those who feel AA is a safe “spiritual” place has resulted in this tragedy. I wrote a small piece about this before on my blog
Here is a link as the embedded file does not work in the UK, so go here to see it There may be problems viewing the show in the UK on Saturday and I will attempt to find a way round this if possible and publish it here.

CBS 48 The sober truth Karla Brada

The story has been picked up by CBS who are running a special show on this on Saturday night. It contains interviews from Karla Brada’s family, Gabrielle Glaser, Monica Richardson and contains footage of the trial. Hopefully this piece will help raise awareness of the problems that vulnerable people can face within AA. In the trailer above, Monica calls AA a pickup joint, and this is called 13 stepping in the fellowship of AA. It is a problem, especially in big city meetings, where young women can end up going to AA after being introduced to it via rehab and thinking everyone is following a spiritual program. I saw this happen in the UK, particularly at a large trendy meeting.

Here is another CBS video just released, It previews more of the report. I cannot get the video to embed into the site at the moment.

This is not a new problem in AA, in fact Bill Wilson, the founder of AA was accused of being a womaniser and this would appear to be true. People who attend recovery groups are often happy that somebody gives them some attention, but this can be a problem in a group such as AA, where there is a lack of organisation and accountability. Many such as Monica Richardson have attempted to make AA safer. She was a member for over 30 years, but her efforts which seem reasonable and  in the interest of the program were ignored. She is currently making a film about the subject  Hopefully people in the 12 step world will take notice of this and realise that the type of people going to these groups is drastically different to the makeup of a group in the 1930’s which were generally male, middle aged and low bottom drunks that were not welcome elsewhere. People are seeking help at a much younger age, but no safety procedures have been put in place.

Here is her trailer


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  1. Thanks for posting this! Tonight is the night!

  2. Oops! I misspelled my name in the previous comment. I am really looking forward to watching this.

    • Ha Ha, I quite like “Antdenial”! I hope I can see the CBS 48 Programme tomorrow online after work. I think it could really raise quite a few issues and do some good. I’ve been reading a lot about the Sinclair method in the last week after looking at the Claudia Christian video. I really do think that is the best way foward for most people. I think it will take some time to become established like most types of treatment that require a huge change of attitude, but will get there in the end.

  3. Karah Easton January 8, 2019 at 3:56 am · · Reply

    In addition to the 13th stepping there is a whole lot of drug dealing going on and people doing 14th stepping which is finding people with whom to drink and get high at AA meetings

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