Chicago Tribune piece about Smart recovery

Chicago Tribune piece about Smart Recovery.

I have liked the look of and heard good things about Smart recovery in the last few years and have decided to try going to a few meetings and try out more of the online meetings as well. I had moved on from recovery groups by the time I heard about Smart after not having a great time in AA, but I was taught many of the techniques that are common to both CBT and Smart.

smart recovery

I have found that it is now possible to go to a Smart meeting virtually every day where I live and this was not possible when I was starting to look for a recovery solution. I recently bought the Smart handbook and was really impressed with its format and the ideas and methods that it suggests. I think that it is a method that could help many people.

I was pleased to see this article that I have linked to at the top, on the net talking about Smart in Chicago. It mentions how it uses a different approach to the 12 step world, and talks about the growth in meetings including the popularity of the online side. It talks about how it was setup by people with an understanding of modern psychology and how you are not expected to go for meetings for life unlike AA. It is more about dealing with your problems and moving on. Smart is not in competition with other methods and some people make use of it along side AA, which I can see being useful in the early days of recovery.

I am glad to see the movement growing and providing a useful alternative to AA along with Harm reduction methods which others may prefer. I think Smart will grow in time to reach many people and I am glad to see people in the media writing balance pieces that highlight alternative ways to recover. I feel many make poor choices about the approach they are going to take in early recovery and choose solutions that are probably not going to work for them long term. I also think it would be helpful if other recovery groups carry information about alternative solutions to their own, so that people can make a good choice for their own needs.



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