Claudia Christian Ted Talk.

Claudia Christian Ted Talk.

Claudia ChristianClaudia Christian has done a huge amount of work to highlight the positive side of using the Sinclair Method to beat alcoholism. She has set up a website called as well as supporting the European has produced the amazing film “One Little Pill” which is a great way to learn about the Sinclair method. She is doing a Ted Talk on Friday in London about the subject and I am going to go and watch. You can find out more details here I hope some more of you come along and give her some support for this so important topic. Her talk is called “How I drank more to beat Alcoholism” which is a great way to describe the concept of The Sinclair Method.

Publicity for the Sinclair Method.

I am so glad that Claudia is doing all this work as the Sinclair Method certainly needs publicity. I have seen many people do well when they use this modern solution and these people have often had problems with more traditional solutions, that have not appealed to them. I would have certainly tried the Sinclair Method if I had been informed about it all those years ago when I was looking for help. This is why I am keen to talk about it and get the message out there in a recovery world that is so dominated by the 12 Step solution. I have a category section on this site that contains many posts about the Sinclair Method and have designed a site that uses information written by Dr Roy Eskapa and Dr David Sinclair about the Sinclair Method which you can find here . That site does not offer support, but is just a guide about how the method works and a place to link to background research.

One little Pill.

Here is the trailer for the film “One little Pill” which I really found to be an eye opener. It is a great shame that it has not been broadcast on more stations but it is available to be streamed online or purchased as a DVD.



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  1. Shannon Durant September 9, 2016 at 3:02 pm · · Reply

    I really need this help badly.

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