New clip from the 13th step film

New clip from the 13th step film

This came from Monica earlier and so I have put it on the site. We have met a couple of times and she is doing a great job, after trying to change AA to make it safer from the inside, which proved to be fairly impossible. She also runs the site.


For three years, I’ve been making The 13th Step film. Recently, we reached a major milestone — we screened a rough cut of the documentary to a small group of people in Los Angeles for the first time.The experience was incredible. To see so many eyes opened to the realities of Alcoholics Anonymous is my life’s work. “I had no idea this was happening in AA,” viewers told me repeatedly. I knew then that the film had achieved its purpose of exposing the criminal and sexually predatory behavior that occurs systematically in AA.

Just two weeks ago, we witnessed another victory. Karla Brada‘s murderer finally stood trial after three long years. It took the jury less than three hours to find Eric Earle, the man Karla met in AA, guilty of first-degree murder.Earle’s conviction offers some closure to Karla’s tragic story. But the long fight to stop judges from sending violent criminals to AA–like they did with Earle–is just getting started. We’ve released an advance clip from The 13th Step film to help change the system. Click here to watch the clip on Vimeo.Now we need to bring The 13th Step feature-length film to the masses. There are only a few more steps to go before it’s complete.  We are raising the last bit of funding to finish color correction, graphics and audio mixing on the film. Every dollar will help us reach our goal. Please consider donating $5 toward finishing costs for the film.Thank you for your continued support!


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