Cold turkey not the only option

Here is a piece in the New York Times that I thought was quite relevant.…

It discusses methods of moderation and alternatives to AA. There are a lot of comments afterwards and some are quite angry. It mentions the “Sinclair method” which some friends of have tried.

Gabrielle Glaser is the author, most recently, of “Her Best-Kept Secret: Why Women Drink — and How They Can Regain Control.” which also has it’s fans.



I had to totally abstain – I was forty when I stopped and was a hard-drinking man, but others who did not get that far may well find some of her advice suits them.

I did go to AA and it gave me a place to break the habit of going to the pub and meet some other people in a similar position, but I was not a fan of the steps, or the dogma. I can see some with my outlook in the comments section and other’s who think it is a good idea. I feel it is up to the individual to make an appropriate decision on what method to use and if it does not work , then try something else. I have modified my approach in the last 7 years and am still going strong.

I can see many in the comment section who are stuck in the AA mindset and would not consider a more modern approach. For them the answer was provided in 1935 and there is no other way.



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  1. I just read the book “her best kept secret” and would recommend it, to anyone thinking they may have a problem with alcohol.

  2. I got the book right after it came out. It has received very good reviews. I would suggest it as well.
    There is even a chapter exclusively about Monica Richardson from!

  3. Yes Monica mentioned it to me when I met her in LA but I have only just got round to reading it! It is very well written and I thought the parts about the way that marketing wine has changed the way women drink.

  4. There are some letters to the New York Times about this with very conflicting views

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