Dr Roy Eskapa and Gary Bell discuss the Sinclair Method

A few weeks ago I put a podcast up which featured Dr Roy Eskapa and a few other people including Gary Bell talking about the Sinclair Method which I think is a great way to beat alcoholism. Here is a video where Gary and Dr Eskapa discuss how Gary came to use the Sinclair Method after having only limited success with other more traditional methods. They talk about how Gary managed to cut down after a few weeks and why that happens. Gary took part in the excellent film “One Little Pill” which was made by Claudia Christian and really explains how somebody can change their life with this method.

I really hope that the Sinclair Method becomes much more high profile than it is and helps as many people as it has the potential to help. I also think that it is important that some of the people who have used the Sinclair Method correctly let other people know how things have worked out for them. As it is not a support group such as AA, people are not always able to tell their success stories using this solution to a group of people, but the web now provides a good platform to get the word out.

I have quite a few pieces on the Sinclair Method in a category section on the site https://www.recoveringfromrecovery.com/category/sinclair-method/ that link to many useful resources.

There is a new Sinclair Site here http://www.the-sinclair-method.com/


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