Dr Roy Eskapa Podcast Sinclair Method

The Cure for Alcoholism – The Sinclair Method with Dr Roy Eskapa.

I was very lucky to meet Dr Roy Eskapa who wrote a great book on how to recover from alcoholism called “The Cure For Alcoholism” which is about the Sinclair Method which uses Naltrexone or another similar compound to beat Alcoholism. Dr Eskapa worked alongside Dr David Sinclair and the book is the definitive guide to the Sinclair Method for both people who want to beat alcoholism and those in the treatment industry.

I recorded a conversation that I had with Dr Eskapa and two of his friends who have made use of the Sinclair Method. He talks about his background, how he became interested in Dr David Sinclair’s research and how the method works. He stresses that you do have to comply with the instructions and that you have to take the pill one hour before drinking. You do not take the pill on days where you are not planning a drink. The method makes use of chemical extinction and over a period of about 3 months about 80% of people lose the urge to drink in a dangerous fashion. Towards the end of the Podcast I talked to Gary, who was in the film about the Sinclair Method “One Little Pill”, who describes how his life has changed as a result of using this solution. I also spoke to Hassan who experienced difficulties getting a regular supply of Naltrexone thanks to problems with the NHS in the UK, which seem to be a problem for many wanting to make use of this solution.

I am very interested in the Sinclair Method as I think it could help many people who are not motivated by traditional faith-based solutions such as AA. I saw many people have problems with staying sober using the 12 steps and they could certainly be helped by this treatment. It is right to call it treatment because it requires medical supervision in most countries. Although this does mean that some people have problems getting hold of Naltrexone at the moment (I think this will change in time), it does mean that people are being monitored and hopefully conditions that sometime arises such as depression, can be dealt with.

Here are some links on my blog to other resources about the Sinclair Method which I think is the way I would choose to beat alcoholism if I was starting today. I went through a pretty bad period between the age of 30 and 40 when I was attempting to stop without assistance and I would not wish that on anybody. I have met quite a few people who have done well and turned their lives around after using Naltrexone. It could also save our health service a lot of money!



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