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Chelsea bridge and Battersea Powere station

Earlier on I was reflecting on how lucky I am today that I can just get on with life and don\’t have to worry about recovery. I appreciate things in life so much more these days and notice the simple things in life such as the river and trees much more these days. I feel that I am part of everything today, where I used to convince myself I was different. In the bad old days, Sunday would have been a day to recover from Saturday night, rather than a day to relax and enjoy. It is rather different today.

I woke up quite early today and did about an hour of Pilates exercising. This is really relaxing and also gives me a good stretch which helps me as I work a lot with computers. I also worked on strengthening my back, which is important when you sit a lot. I find the breathing and concentration involved helps center me a lot and is almost mediative. I also did some yoga stretches and did a short meditation. After that I went for a fairly fast run along the river and around the park.  there had been some rain earlier and everything smelt really fresh. I had not run for years, but started after reading a Paul Mckenna book which suggested exercise would help depression. it has certainly helped me over the years, as that is something I do not have to face any more.

I seem to be a lot more observant these days. I used to take many things for granted. If you get out and about and spend time with positive people doing worthwhile things, everything seeems so much better. I am happy to stand on a bridge looking at water or watch the light change on buildings through the window.  None of these things would have mattered when I was drinking and they also got put in the background when I used to go to 12 step meetings. I am work in a creative industry and that is what I enjoy and am glad that I make it a big part of my leisure as well. I took a few pictures today and have put a couple here. I enjoy having a camera with me, especially when there are so many great things to take picture of in London.

I have also been cooking really healthy food, which is something that always makes me feel good. In the last couple of weeks I have made lots of chilled soups, which have been really tasty. I am about to do some asian style cod. I\’m also going to play a bit more music and then watch a film. I look foward to living life these days, which was not the case some time ago. It has taken some time to work things out, but things really improved for me when I stopped going to AA and just joined the “normal people” that live life!


light on london

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  1. Good for you! I am very happy for you! You bring up such good points that I feel that is not brought up enough. Like helping people getting back in touch with past hobbies or starties new hobbies and interest.
    Eating right. exercising, being around other positive and interesting people and enjoying the little things in life like you are now doing.

    If you are in a program that just has you living in the past and labeling yourself an addict that can be really destructive and stunts one’s emotional and intellectual growth.

  2. Love the photos by the way!

  3. Thanks, I think the more that you that is worthwhile, the better you will feel.

  4. Rowland Cheatham January 28, 2014 at 10:43 pm · · Reply

    you actually followed me on Twitter..I am Rowland Hazzard on there…an inside joke about early AA….anyway I followed you back…I am writing and writing and writing and not sure where to go or what to do with it. Anyway, I appreciate you very much as I said yesterday.

  5. I love the Rowland Hazzard tweets! Good to see you here! If you want to write a piece for this site let me know or you can start your own blog. WordPress is a good way to start and there are lots of blogs listed on the links page.

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