Fifty shades of Grey Matter

This is a fantastic video about what actually happens to the brain when you abuse substances and what you can conclude from brain imaging. A lot of people are using brain scans to support the disease theory of alcoholism or addiction, especially in the 12 step world, but this is actually misleading. This video features Sally Satel, M.D., who is a practicing psychiatrist and Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute where her work focuses on mental health policy as well as political trends in medicine. She talks a lot about heroin addiction and makes points, that are very similar to those written by Stanton Peele, who also questions the “accepted view” of the addiction model. Thanks Jon for sending me the link!

I have never liked the disease theory, because it does not generally explain the cause of addiction for me. this video talks about the difference between Alzheimer’s disease and addiction, and explains why calling an addiction a disease is a flawed idea.



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