I thought it might be a good idea to have a page mentioning films on here as they are really good ways of communicating things about recovery. I have mentioned a couple in my blog but those post can get lost with time so I will also point them out here.

One little Pill

The best film about alcoholism recovery for me in the last year, was called “One little Pill” and was narrated by Claudia Christian. I felt she put across the advantages of the Sinclair method really well, and a lot of people could be helped, if this film was to be broadcast to a wide audience. I wrote about it here on the blog.

The 13th Step

I’m hoping that Monica Richardson will get her film out about safety issues in AA early in 2015. I have seen a rough version and met with Monica the last time I was in AA, and am impressed by the results. It has been a long project which started when Monica did a short course in documentary making and then grew after attracting funding and using professional film makers.

I really respect Monica’s tenacity at getting this done, after she tried to make AA safer from inside, but was unable to get AA to change to make things safer, which may have helped Karla Brada and others. She has had to put up with a fair amount of abuse about making the film, from some current AA members, and bizarrely from some, on the “anti AA” orange papers forum, but has stuck to her guns and got the film made. It is a balanced film, which it needs to be or it will not be taken seriously, but will hopefully provoke AA members to look at the way that meetings are run, and improve things.

CBS 48 documentary about the Karla Brada murder.

Although this cannot be classed as a recovery film, I feel the CBS 48 documentary about the Karla Brada murder is worthy of inclusion here. Monica Richardson was also featured in this and it is certainly worth watching if you are thinking of sending your young daughter to AA and rehab. The film was met with a lot of criticism online, but again I felt it was balanced, and asked some serious questions about the way AA manages meetings. AA refused an interview with the filmmakers, which I felt made them look bad, but a pro AA judge who appeared several times during the programme, said things needed to change at the end, and I agree with him.  Most people who attend AA are attempting to get their lives back together, but a few who will cause problems and that is probably to be expected.
karla brada

Huffington Post on Suboxone. The New Drug War.

A short film about the problems in getting the treatment industry to change by James Doolittle of Center City Film & Video, Philadelphia, Pa. This accompanies a great piece on the website here http://projects.huffingtonpost.com/dying-to-be-free-heroin-treatment