Gabrielle Glaser in Reader’s Digest talking about alternatives to AA

Gabrielle Glaser in Reader’s Digest talking about alternatives to AA

Here is a good piece by Gabrielle about different methods of recovery and how they are suitable for women in particular who may be put off by the 12 step idea. Here is a section from the web page.


AA has helped countless people, providing them with structure and community. Put off by its rigidity, though, some women have sought out newer groups that don’t consider alcohol abuse an incurable illness but rather an unhealthy behavior that can be changed. Like AA, the groups are free and offer meetings run by peers, but they differ in key ways: People can participate online, the techniques that the groups use are based on behavioral psychology and neuroscience, and they emphasize personal responsibility.

Many women find AA’s attitudes out of step with the times. Telling them that they have no power over alcohol, for instance, does not go down easily. Women recover more quickly from alcohol abuse when they’re able to take control of their situation, not relinquish it, says Minneapolis psychiatrist Mark Willenbring, MD, a former director of treatment research at the National Institutes on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. “Assertiveness training and empowerment are healing to them.” Here are stories of women who rejected the AA orthodoxy for a better solution to their drinking problems.

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