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I have decided to put a general chat thread on the site, as it has been going for 10 months now and there are a number of people coming here, who do not seem to go on other sites that much. You can find it, by clicking on the link on the top navbar or here, this page is just an introduction about it! This is not really a site that is purely anti-AA, like some others, but is more for people who have moved on. I thought some people might like to talk to each other here. I did not set out to build a community on this site and I wanted to avoid the problems of some other places, but I am now getting quite a few emails from people I don’t know and it would be better for me if some of these issues went on a thread where other people could share solutions that have worked for them. Here is a link to it You can talk about addiction, alcoholism, recovery issues or anything really and it will be separate  from the main blog.general chat


There is a never-ending thread on the site. There is also one on Massive’s site always seems quite busy. When I originally put the site together, I was going to not allow comments, as unpleasant people can have a bad effect on a sites reputation, especially in the area of search engines. I did not want a site that was blocked from public hosting, which has happened to some sites, that talk about recovery. On reflection, I am glad  I did allow them, as apart from a couple of idiots, who cause trouble everywhere, the comments section has worked well.


After running the site for 10 months I have a pretty good idea of what people are searching for when they are coming here. The topic leaving AA and staying sober or moving on from AA are by far the most important. They get a massive amount of views compared to anything, else such as criticising AA etc. I will start to concentrate on that a bit more on the lead up to Christmas and new year when people often attempt recovery. I will do more about Hams and Smart as well as the winter is the time when more people look at these type of sites. I found the internet was so important when I was moving away from AA as it was hard to find any relevant books in my local bookstore. Amazon was a real life saver for me. It would be good if people pointed out any good resources.


I think it is important that different people share their experience about what worked for them, so that others can find a good solution for themselves. There was not much around when I left AA and it was a while later that I came across which had some great links. I did not really know much about harm reduction at that point and had not heard of Smart. I think this is still the case for many people, which is such a shame. I think it is so important that people say they can recover without using the moralising/religious approach of the 12 step world. Lance Dodes pointed out in the “Sober Truth”, that people who have moved away from AA do not have much voice, and this allows the 12 step world to give the impression that their way is the only way. This is simply not true, and the more people who talk about how they have been successful, and the reasons they took the approach they did, then the more people will be helped.


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  1. Thank you so much for getting this site up and running. I am still working my way through it all at the moment. I like to think of myself as “moving on” from AA. This site is going to keep me occupied for a while. The thing is to just say “hi” and “thank you” at the moment and look forward to keeping up to date with stuff as it goes on here!

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