Good posts on other sites this week

Good posts on other sites this week

I thought this post on the Fix was great’m-more-sober-you  It is an over the top satire of a Big Book thumper, anti medication, full on “steptard” from AA.  They often boast how they have undergone operations without anesthetic, and believe that  sobriety is all about working the program. They are often the people who have no life outside the rooms and can only really function inside the AA group. They are often members of the cult type groups that really bring AA down. Some of the comments really show a lack of sense of humour from the higher power worshipers while others think it is great as it reminds them of their own meeting bore!

I also came across this which talks about the problems caused by misinformation and over zealous sponsors in AA which is worth a read. I certainly saw some amateur armchair doctors in AA and have seen the damage they can do, with their ill thought out ideas. People forget AA is simply a support group for drunks and not treatment!

This post is about the problems of calling everything a disease  This is something that really annoys me in the recovery world.

As some of you will know if you have read some of the other pages on this site I am a fan of mindfulness and this blog post talks about what is going on when you practice it. I am a fan of this particular blog and also thought that the book that the blog is based on was an excellent read.

memories of an addicted brain 001

I am pretty busy at the moment, but am going to look at Smart recovery and take part in a few more meetings and see what I think about it. It looks like a good solution to overcome addictions and uses many of the techniques that helped me. I have also made a few slight changes to the site and hope they work for everyone!




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