Happy New Year

Happy new year 2014 from Lovinglife52 @ “RecoveringfromRecovery”


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  1. Happy New Year! You took these pics? Really awesome. Thanks-I love fireworks and really look forward to a wonderful 2014!

  2. Happy new year to you as well. We always have a big display in London and I live quite high up so can see them through the window. I got a zoom lens last year so I decided to use it last night. I think having a few creative interests helps me keep everything together at times.

    • Wow! I am really really impressed. How cool to be able to see that from your own place. I almost asked you how the July 4th fireworks were there :). You should be very proud of those photos. Now they are on the World Wide Web!

      It is a great point you made about having creative interests to keep everything together. I love photography myself and used to do it for a living. I never quite understood why AA and NA do not promote members to get out and express themselves artistically or encourage other hobbies, schooling better jobs. It seems they want the member all to themselves to do service work.I hear so many stories of people being told not to work and even drop out of school!

      Good nutrition is very helpful too, but many mock that as well. Instead in AA smoking is an outside issue even though it too is an obvious addiction. It just seems such a shame that AA and NA has not done so much better with the audience they have. They have the ability to spread such good info, but instead they are stuck, making AA and NA not a great option for most.

  3. I think many are taken over by AA and although this helps in the short term it can be very damaging in the long term. Doing creative projects brings you into contact with other creative people who are really positive. If i’m at a good place like a bridge in London waiting for the light to change, I often meet other people taking pictures. I look at AA and NA as a wasted opportunity in many ways, as it refuses to change or modernise. I hope other methods gain ground over time.

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