Kenneth Anderson Blog Talk radio

Kenneth Anderson Blog Talk radio

I have listened to a few episodes of this show on Blog Talk radio which is an internet based broadcaster, that allows bloggers to broadcast to their followers over the internet. The shows are downloadable and also available as podcasts, if you are in a different timezone.  This show features Stanton Peele, who is one of the writers whose books really helped me when I was still craving drink. He has a new book out this week, that gives people tools to recover from addiction and which also uses mindfulness as one these methods. As this is one of the things that have helped me, I am interested to see what he has written. His other books such as the “Diseasing of America: How We Allowed Recovery Zealots and the Treatment Industry to Convince Us We Are Out of Control” still sell well and are available on Amazon. 


His site about the book is here  and his blog is here

Kenneth Anderson is the person who started the Hams network after he found AA to be completely unsuitable. You can find his blog here and he also has this site here http://hamsnetworkorg which provides information on his recovery methods that many prefer to the old 12 step method.

This particular show starts off about neuroplasticity, genetics and the myths that many promote. They then move on to a good discussion as to why alternatives are needed to the 12 step model. They talk about how labelling yourself as an alcoholic creates a negative self-image, as well as throwing out the disease theory and powerlessness.  I must confess I am not that familiar with the HAMS method, but will look into it in the near future, as I have heard good things about it from other people. He certainly seems to make sense in the podcasts. Blog talk radio is a great way for people to broadcast from their blog and have people phone in. Monica Richardson does a great show on there as well and I will try to pick out some of my favourite episodes from her in the near future as well.

More Self Help Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Kenneth Anderson on BlogTalkRadio





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