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I decided to do a podcast to look at the good and bad things that I have covered on the blog and talk to Jon Stewart about what he has been up to. Generally I feel that it has been a good year and that people are getting the message out about modern methods that can help people recover. There have been several articles in the mainstream press that have questioned the effectiveness of AA. One was the recent article about Jon Stewart in the Observer, which we talked about in other Podcasts and another was in the Atlantic by Gabrielle Glasser who I met in the summer. I think it is great that people are saying that AA is not the only way and that there are modern approaches such as the Sinclair Method that can help so many people.

Deaths in 2015

We mention the sad passing of Dr David Sinclair who has done so much research to help those of us who have been affected by alcoholism, and who has managed to find a solution that can help about 80 % of people who use the method correctly. I hope more treatment centres make use of his ideas. We also talk about the sad suicide of Audrey Kishline, who again helped many in the recovery community by setting up moderation management. She is missed by many people and her death shows how we all need to be on our guard when depression strikes.

Talks and Films:

We also talk about the talks that Jon has given at various venues which are well worth watching, and he also said that a recording should be put up on the web soon on YouTube. Another good thing that has happened in the last year are some films which show the dangers of addiction such as the documentary about Amy Winehouse and also the film that Monica Richardson made called the 13th Step which has won awards in America and was well received in London. We discuss some of the issues brought up in the film, and also where we feel it should be shown in the future.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year and continues through 2016 in a positive way. Many find the Holiday period quite stressful,especially those in early recovery but it is a part of the year I now really enjoy. AA groups often have special meetings over the Holiday period, including Christmas day and Smart Recovery offers online meetings. C3 Europe are also offering counselling services about the Sinclair Method. Stay safe and enjoy yourself! I will be back in the New year!

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  1. Have a peaceful holidays, Mike.

    Have loved your work this year, it is a pleasure to read both yours and Jon’s writings.

    C3 Europe.

    • Thanks so much Joanna, we are really impressed with what you are doing to promote the Sinclair Method which could help so many people. Perhaps we can do a podcast in the New Year. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Mike.

      • By all means, Mike. A podcast will be interesting though I do think the one you did with Gary and Dr Eskapa was absolutely wonderful 🙂

        • Thanks, I think doing a few more on the subject will always help, especially as you help people get the tablets in the UK which does seem to be an issue.

          • Sadly, a huge issue, yes.

            The main issue is that the treatment involves tablets and support. When NICE approved the mediation in November 2014 they approved it as a treatment that is suitable for prescribing and monitoring by GP’s in primary health care.

            However, doctors successfully argued that they don’t have either the budget or the resources to provide the support, even though it is only a similar-type of support to what surgeries provide for people who are trying to stop smoking. The budget for counselling support comes from the Mental Health budget, not the NHS England GP budget. In about 35 areas I have researched so far, only 3 local health authorities are letting GP’s prescribe.

            As a result, each local health authority is allowed to make their own decisions of WHO can prescribe. In most parts of the country, that means only the local alcohol specialist services are allowed to prescribe and monitor. This would be all fine and well if that instruction had somehow worked it’s way down to the alcohol services units!! Most are still shockingly unaware of this medication or have not received the training for it…..

            I am currently working on a list for the UK on what WHO can prescribe in each part of the country. I will be looking to complete that in the next couple of months.

            Also, we have made a breakthrough in getting a short Sinclair Method write up available on the Patient.info website, which is a well respected and well trusted information portal that is accessed over 250,000 times a month by doctors in the UK. Patients will be able to attend their appointments, and if the prescribing physician is unaware of the medication, then the patient can ask them to access their professional portal of the patient.info website and read it in black and white. I am told that most doctors and specialists in the UK can access this trusted website during the consultation.

            This all adds up to some great news that we can release to the public in the coming couple of months, so that would be a great time perhaps to do a podcast so that we can make as many people aware of it as possible?

          • Thanks again for all your work. I am sure that things will change soon especially if The Sinclair Method can get some publicity in the press. The piece in THe Atlantic got some people interested in USA but I am sure it will happen at some point in the Uk. I talked with dr Roy Eskapa about this and we have started on a website that attempts to highlight what Dr David Sinclair discovered and hopefully it will be ready soon. I dod not see any other solution with the potential of THe Sinclair Method to help so many. I hope everything goes well for you in 2016.

  2. Naltrexone is pretty effective, opiates must be part of the craving idea process. I used naltrexone for food cravings…. it helped quite a bit

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