Manage alcohol addiction by choice

Manage alcohol addiction by choice.

I came across this blog last night and it has some really useful ideas. Here is a link to an article which I thought was really good, as it talks about how the traditional recovery programs are wrong about the disease theory. There are many good things on this site for people looking for a more modern approach, compared to the outdated religious approach of the 12 steps. The methods discussed here are the type of things that have helped me, and the things I used after leaving AA.
Here is the first paragraph.
It is possible to manage and stop an alcohol problem with choice, change, and responsibility. The disease concept of addiction is about as misunderstood as the government these days, and honestly “treatment” for this “disease” hasn’t changed much over the past 60 years either. If addiction was truly a disease, there would be a solution for it which would decrease substance use, rather than the steady climb of people abusing alcohol each year. This is because treatment programs are simply looking at addiction wrong. Addiction is a habitual behavior that can be changed through better choices, positive thoughts and self-change.

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  1. @lovinglife52 thanks for sharing your story, your right addiction is a habit, a very bad habit that needs to be changed. No one can change you or anything about you, it’s simply our choice that we made in life, even though we’re trapped in some places, if we don’t speak up, move our self from there no one can alter our life. There are some people or facilities like Alcohol addiction treatment centers Oregon wants to help those individuals who are trapped in this mental illness. Help them, help yourself.

    • I am glad that there are people who can help motivate others to beat addiction. Most people do need help at some point, but sadly many are just presented with out of date methods that have a low success rate.

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