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TSM in the Media

Anyone who follows this blog will be aware that I am a huge fan of The Sinclair Method, TSM, for controlling drinking. You can see posts about it here. I have seen many people do really well using this method, having had no success beating alcoholism previously. The NBC News programme, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly showed a decent piece on TSM last Sunday. This caused a huge number of people to get in touch with TSM based websites, searching for information. I hope this becomes a regular occurrence.

Here is the piece from Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly


Claudia Christian

Claudia Christian has also done so much work to promote TSM. There are many related pieces on this blog about her work. She was also interviewed for the Saturday Night piece but it was heavily cedited and just published online. You can see it below in some regions.



The Fix

I am not generally a fan of The FIX recovery website as it tends to have lightweight contributors. At one time it had an appalling comments section where people were free to attack others, but they seem to have woken up to the fact that this is not appropriate for a recovery based site.  They have done a couple of pieces on TSM fairly recently, and the first reflects the TV broadcast.

There was also this piece which talks about somebody who does not comply with TSM and then seems to criticise it for not working.

Dr Eskapa commented on this piece via email so I will put it here:

 — In the Fix article Joe Ricchio  managed 9 months abstinence – but then the Alcohol Deprivation Effect kicked in while on a trip to Italy — triggers …
In the The Fix article he goes off naltrexone and reverts back to heavy drinking…. this has happened to many ‘patients’ but just at the compulsive drinking behaviour was learned so it can be re-extinguished. Just as one can have the same infection more than once it can be re-treated medically.
Joe Ricchio speaks of ‘hard work’ in remembering to stay on course  (adhering to the treatment plan which meany always and only take the medication 1 hour before drinking and only on drinking days) – but a good question might be:  is taking diabetes medication, high blood pressure allopathic or herbal medicines, anti-biotics for TB, the 3-in-1 HIV medication every day ‘hard work’…..
Another error so many make and I made at first, and caused David Sinclair much angst,  was the automatic assumption that naltrexone or nalmefene are pleasure blockers… the P = PLEASURE WORD. They are not – and people on TSM and naltrexone or nalmefene can still ‘enjoy’ a drink safely.
Most AUD’s (new term for old somewhat pejorative ‘alcoholic’ or ‘drunkard’) – Alcohol Use Disorders do not want to be addicted and do not ‘Get Pleasure’ from drinking especially those daily drinkers…
So in the end it requires motivation by those with medical conditions to adhere to treatments-of-choice which in the case of ‘alcoholism’ ….
But who can argue with this: AA itself claims a 5 % ‘success rate’ meaning zero alcohol at 1 year, other data from NIH, NIDA, WHO, UK Health authorities range from 95 % to 85 % relapse within 1 year. 
By contrast, there are over 125 trials published in medical journals such as JAMA, NEJM, Alcohol, Addiction, BMJ and others showing that, only used correctly, always taking the medication 1 hour before drinking for life – but never on no-drinking days or with abstinence  –  opioid antagonists such as naltrexone or nalmefene can reach around 80 % ‘success rates’ — which means abstinence because there is no craving and no thinking or rumination about the next drink.. a loss of interest .. or WHO safe drinking limits per session and or per week –  to the point where the brain is restored, more or less, to its pre-addicted state .. say before the individual walked into a pub and had his or her first drink…. no one has a first drink and becomes addicted. It takes many drinking sessions for the opioid system to be established in the brains of  those who are genetically predisposed to alcohol and other addictions.
This was demonstrated in Sinclair’s Finnish government sponsored Alko Labs (now part of the Finnish National Public Health and Welfare Institute, Helsinki during the 1970s and 1980s and 1990s )
There is a long way to go with all of this. I don’t think that rehabs will be able to pretend that the spiritual solution of the 12 steps is the most effective solution to this world wide problem. It is time for proper medical treatment for this issue and TSM can certainly play a huge part.
Dr John David Sinclair



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  1. I like that photo of David Sinclair. Such a kind face.

    As for the coverage…. it was (overall) decent; it got the word out.

    This is now in danger of becoming horribly popular – what am I gonna do? I actually kinda liked it when it was more of a niche thing. Hahaha

    • It is a great picture. It is a still from a youtube video of him describing the method
      I thought most of the coverage was ok, and certainly got the point across. There is certainly a demand for this.
      I hope it gets popular – you will be an old timer in AA speak, and have the credabilty of being in Claudia’s film!

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