My “Online Recovery” from Alcoholism

My “Online Recovery” from Alcoholism

Here is the latest Podcast that I have done for my podcast site and it is about how being online has helped me beat alcoholism. We talk about some of the sites that helped me when I was looking for information such as which was the first online recovery community that I took any notice of.


We also discuss how to build a WordPress recovery blog and how to get it noticed. We discuss choosing a good domain name, the various ways of hosting a blog and the pros and cons including the costs of the different approaches.

We also talk about meeting people online and this leads to a discussion about the recent Ted Talk by Claudia Christian which I will post here when it becomes available as an individual talk.  At the moment it can be viewed here and Claudia’s section starts at about 02.51.00 and is well worth a look.

We talk about how blogs can help people find out about great methods such as The Sinclair Method and meeting other people in recovery online, and how this can add to your support.

The bad side of online alcoholism discussion.

There is also a bad side to taking part in the online recovery world. There are those who will behave in an aggressive way towards others in recovery and be critical of the way they are trying to beat alcoholism. Some sites such as the Orange Papers Forum are poorly moderated and are simply venues for people to sling mud at each other, and this tends to spill onto other sites. A small number of people from this or similar sites seem to feel they are fighting some kind of cause, and will attempt to take over any online comment section that is open to them. This can lead to more moderate and sensible people withdrawing from discussions. I tend not to read any comment sections on Recovery magazine sites as a result as they are usually full of the same few loudmouthed idiots having a go at each other. You do need to be a bit thick-skinned if you want to take part in some online discussions and this is a shame.

Anyway I hope some of you find the podcast helpful especially if you are thinking of producing your own blog, which can be very worthwhile, and I hope to be doing some more podcasts in the near future, including people who are at various stages of using The Sinclair Method and also discussing how meditation can help in recovery from addiction.


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