Podcast – Good Things about AA

Another Podcast on Alcoholics Anonymous.

I have not had much of a chance to do much on the blogs for the past few months due to being really busy but I hope to do a few more things soon. This is the first podcast for a while and we decided to do one about “the good things in AA”. This may surprise some people, as I have been quite critical of aspects of AA in the past, and left the fellowship over 8 years ago. However, I still feel that there were parts of AA membership that helped me, even though I was not a fan of everything there including the 12 steps, and the concept of “higher powers”.

I find quite a lot that is written about AA these days by the “anti AA” brigade rather embarrassing these days. I would call myself “pro-choice” and I am not a fan of cult like, protest movements. I rather prefer to support people who are actually doing something positive and helping others by forming new groups as well as promoting good medical solutions.

Recovery meetings

Anyway here are the points that Jon came up with that were good about AA and which we talk about in the podcast.

Good things about AA:

(1) It exists, the singleness of purpose works, few organisations survive so long
(2) It works. Probably 10+ millions people have been helped
(3) It’s simple. Anyone willing to try it can get it.
(4) It’s a broad church. You meet all types. It’s very inclusive.
(5) It’s free.
(6) It’s anonymous, so no medical records to worry about
(7) It’s everywhere. You can go to meetings all over the world.
(8) It has a good self-development programme. Encourages people to take a good honest look at their attitudes and behaviours.
(9) It’s friendly and welcoming, and a great place to meet people.
(10) It’s altruistic. You have to help others for it to work for you.
(11) It’s non-judgemental. You can share whatever you like and get things off your chest
(12) It’s flexible, and has spawned other groups that help people with all kinds of problems.
Did I miss anything? What else is worth celebrating about AA..?

Anyway here is the podcast


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