Podcasts about Alcoholism Recovery

I have decided to do a series of podcasts about “recovering from alcoholism” and aim to talk about a wide range of issues and support systems. I have set up a new site that is called www.alcoholism-recovery-radio.com as I want to involve everyone in the recovery world and www.recoveringfromrecovery.com was really originally aimed at people who had moved on from 12 step support groups or were thinking of doing so. The new site still needs a lot of work on it but is coming along and has just one podcast on it so far. I will be recording a new one shortly with Dr Roy Eskapa in London over the next couple of days and will put that up soon. We will also be doing some video recoding and involving people who have made use of the Sinclair Method at the same time.

I will put the podcasts on here as well as there are a fair number of people following the site, but the podcasts are hosted on Soundcloud.com and you can subscribe there or in the iTunes store.

Hopefully the concept will work. I am sure it will take me a while to get use to doing these recordings, but hopefully they can be kept to a reasonable standard and people will want to take part. I have decided to use the soundcloud.com format as it gives really good audio quality compared to Blog Talk Radio, which is dreadful. I have a setup where I can record Skype as well as my voice separately and have a portable recorder which is great for face to face conversations.

So if anyone has any ideas or wants to say something get in touch!


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