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I really like attitude and ideas here. They talk about using methods such as Smart for overcoming  the deep problems in lifestyle and poor thinking, that addicts often use. They also recognise that there is a place for the 12 step group in a balanced recovery system. They warn about the powerless model, but point out that the social side of 12 step groups can be useful, mainly due to the fact that there are so many of them. I strongly believe that the CBT  type treatment, would help many more, if they were exposed to it compared to the 12 step model. However, the most important thing in recovery is commitment, and having contact with others who suffer from the same problems can really help. I became quite competitive with fellow newcomers, as I did not want to be seen to fail, in the group. This helped me for a bit.

I always think it is best to move on from recovery when somebody feels ready and the CBT method will give you the tools to do this. There are a lot of unhealthy people who remain in the 12 step world for years, simply “treading water ” and spouting phrases. They are often considered dysfunctional outside the rooms, which is a shame. AA and the steps can bring on some kind of drastic change in lifestyle, which will help some people, but it does also mean that many become reliant on quite a dysfunctional group.


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  1. We are so glad you found our article helpful! We believe the recovery journey is a personal one. As such, we strive to provide individualized, personalized care that focuses on self-empowerment. As you mentioned, we are founded on non-12-step, scientific principles, but recognize that the traditional 12-step model of recovery works for many people. It is our sincerest feeling that the best method to use in recovery is the method that works best for the individual, whatever that may be.

    We are glad to see more acceptance of 12-step alternatives. Your blog posts are thoughtful and insightful. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks so much for having a look at the site. I am just trying to put a few ideas of different things that work. I agree that solutions should be tailored for the individual, and that a one size fits all solution, is going run into problems.
      I was lucky to find some alternatives to the 12 step world, a few years ago when I needed them. Other’s were not so lucky and have struggled to find a way that works for them. I like the way you are suggesting taking one thing from one fellowship and something else from another, as this is the type of approach that worked for me.

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