Recovering from Recovery: An Interview with a Recovery Blogger

A couple of weeks ago Practical Recovery  Got in touch about doing a series about various bloggers in recovery. I am the first one and here is the introduction below. If you want to read what I say then go to

I hope to add some more blog posts and even do some podcasts soon, but have been really busy working recently on my own business, and have far less free time than in the past!


The online recovery community has exploded in the last decade with several resources, from apps to forums to blogs. These resources have become integral to the recovery process for millions of people affected by addiction.

Over the next few months, we will be interviewing some of the top-rated recovery bloggers of 2018. These bloggers play a special role in the online recovery community. Not only do they give voice to those affected by addiction, they also provide a way for individuals to connect during their own recovery process.

Our hats are off to the brave men and women who, by writing publicly, break the stigma of addiction, encourage unity amongst those affected by addiction, and provide a place for people to connect, inspire, and heal.

Our first featured top recovery blogger is Mike, of Recovering from Recovery. Nothing short of dedicated, raw, and real, Mike posts about his musings on recovery from alcohol addiction.

Originally born from his desire to find a recovery path that didn’t include the 12 steps, Mike’s blog offers insight into alternative approaches, including non-12-step support groups, resources, and literature.

While he recognizes the value of the 12-step community, he has joined the ranks of many others who have set out to find their own path.


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