Reserve a seat for Monica Richardson film in London

Monica Richardson showing ``The 13th Step`` Film in Mayfair London.

Earlier today I spent a couple of hours chatting with Monica Richardson, and her musical director Leon in the Mayfair Hotel in London, which is a great 5 star hotel in London that has its own cinema. Monica will be showing her film there next Wednesday the 27th May. I’m certainly going to go and I hope that many others do as well. I hope that the audience is mixed between people who have moved on from AA such as myself and those who are still active members of AA. There will be an introduction to the film before the showing and a question and answer session afterwards.

The viewing is free and all you have to do is register on her site.

The address for the Mayfair hotel is here

The May Fair Hotel,
Stratton Street,
W1J 8LT,
United Kingdom

Monica Richardson_Mayfair_Hotel

Tickets for The 13th Step Film

You can reserve a seat for the 13th step film on Wednesday via a contact form on the main film website. Click here for a link


Monica has done an amazing job to make this film. I met her online some time ago via the great Stinkin Thinkin Blog which did a great job at a light-hearted look at the 12 step world which I had recently left. Monica was still in AA and was quite fearful of leaving after being a member for 36 years. She then did a short film course and then embarked on this epic project which has taken all over America and must surely have been incredibly emotional and difficult film to make. She has certainly changed since then and is a very strong and impressive character, quite different from some of the people out there attacking AA for the sake of it.

AA has a generally good reputation in the eyes of the media and public but stories are emerging of problems in the fellowship. The world has changed since the 1930’s but AA has stayed the same and many feel that its traditions, which are not rules, and the anonymous nature of meetings make it an ideal place for people to take advantage of the vulnerable. 13 stepping refers to trying to get a newcomer with out much experience of sobriety into bed, and this can lead to relapse. Criminality and substance abuse go hand in hand and although I have seen many turn their life around while they have been members of AA, others are not there to work the perfect programme and can be a problem.

Many also feel that the steps do not work, and that people are damaged by them, especially step 4 which can make people relive trauma. It is fair to say that Monica is more disturbed by AA than I am, but then I have not had to sit through all the interviews she has done and heard all the stories that she has. I was also skeptical of AA from the start and did not remain a member for too long after deciding that a CBT solution was the answer for me. I was also a drunk for over 25 years, much longer than Monica and grateful for any help! I found it useful to find other people who were similar to me when I left and Monica does a good job of putting people in touch with each other and supporting with her various websites and radio show.

She has had a few problems recently such as when her online video members of the extreme orange forum decided to post it on Facebook and on various forums. This showed a lack of respect and was probably an act of jealousy. Some even posted excuses here which were stopped by moderation, which I will not publish after checking the situation with Monica today.

She also had a small technical problem in Cannes on the first showing, but the people projecting the film made up for this by contacting lots of distributors and members of the film business who have been very positive about the film so far, which could lead to it being shown to a wide audience, and not just people who have been following the blogs. I originally thought this film would be a small production on you tube, not feature length being shown at the  Cannes Film festival! I obviously misjudged things!

She also got “best Documentary Award”award in the Beverly Hills festival which is amazing for a new filmmaker, but especially in that area. I know Beverly Hills well, in fact the first time I met Monica I was staying at the fabulous Peninsular Hotel there, and it is a big pro AA place. I used to go to meetings in Rodeo Drive, back when I was a member and sometimes worked in LA. To win something there is a real feat! She is brave to show it that festival let alone win.

Anyway I hope all you Londoners  and other Brits come along on Wednesday to see what she has produced. I saw a rough cut last year and was impressed but I have been told there are many changes, and maybe a couple more to come in the future! Monica is certainly loking foward to meeting some of the Brits that contribute to her Blog, especially Girlscout who also posts on here! I hope the weather holds out for her stay in the UK!


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  1. I can’t wait to meet you guys! xx

  2. Looking foward to meeting you as well!

  3. Susie Jones May 24, 2015 at 9:23 am · · Reply

    How much do the tickets cost?

  4. I’ll be there. Look out for me!

  5. Red dress

  6. It so great to meet you all in person tonight and have some great conversations. I thought Monica had done a great job with the film and she certainly received an impressive ovation from the crowd in London. It is a film that needed to be made and that AA needs to do something about these issues. The AA members present were very complimentary about it and asked her to send it to various people in UK AA. Hopefully some of the things shown in the film can be prevented from happening again if it is influences those who are in position to change things.

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