Serenity Tattoo

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept stupid people the way they are, courage to maintain self-control, and wisdom to know if I act on it, I may go to prison!


I was never great fan of holding hands and saying the serenity prayer at the end of meetings, then finishing up with,”it works, if you work it”. It was one of those things, I felt was just embarrassing about being in AA. I hated all the false chat, and the condescending little phrases, which would be used against anyone who said anything, that drifted away from the standard , parrot like delivery.

Anyway, I was looking for some facts about recovery the other day, and stumbled upon these pictures. they made me howl with laughter! I\’m not a fan of tattoos generally, but these are horrific. I can just imagine these poor people, thinking that having  the serenity prayer tattooed  onto their body, will really impress the guys in the scout hut or church basement, only to become an object of ridicule. This would surely cause a resentment, that would probably  be amplified every time they hear the prayer that is supposed to be used in stressful situations, when relapse is a danger.

Ok, not everyone in AA is totally dumb. This is a reasonably tasteful example,and the owner might have possible “sponsor potential”. Not the greatest typography, but a masterpiece compared to what follows.

Oh dear, probably not the type of person to read chapter 5 out loud in a short meeting. Certainly not sponsor material, but I quite like the way “except”, totally changes the meaning, especially with the bit about wisdom coming up.

Another, “except fail” . I can just imagine them lifting up their shirt, to show their commitment, and then the realisation that they still fuck up, in spite of stopping drinking.

Simply dreadful design, layout and mistake of courage! Probably alright at biker meetings, but would probably not be asked to join the others for coffee in Rodeo Drive or Pont street type meeting, where thick, common people are looked down upon, by those who consider themselves to be superior.

It is probably a good idea to sober up before attempting to tattoo yourself!

Another poor bit of design, with an interesting variation on courage.

Would you want one of these people to guide you through recovery?



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  1. It looks like many do not know how to spell courage! Maybe they lack the courage after all…..

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