Site Changes

Site Changes

I have put the site on new Server and it seems a bit quicker and so far does not have the problems that I had before. The site does use quite a lot of resources when a few people are on it and that was causing the original host to limit certain things.
The forum and buddy press section was a failure as I was inundated with spammers and other idiots and so deleted it. Sorry to those that managed to sign up and post something without the spam filter deleting you or your post.

The problems started when I put the login section on the site as it just attracted bots and other people running scripts. This one box attracted a huge amount of traffic onto the site which slowed everything down. I don’t get excited about the number of hits I get from spammers unlike some people on other sites that think loads of people are reading their content.

Anyway the good thing is that I found out about a new way of hosting wordpress and it looks pretty good so far. The old host I was with was great when I had more conventional sites but this is much better for a site with sliders etc, and lots of pictures on the blog page. I have a few small problems with it and have probably missed some emails, but otherwise it all seems to work well.

Please let me know if any part of the site is not working where you are. The site now lives on a server in the USA rather than the Uk which makes sense as 90% of people come from there. Hopefully it will be a bit faster for them.


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