Smart Recovery offered to soldiers

Smart Recovery offered to soldiers

Here is a link to an article I found about Smart recovery being offered to serviceman  as they felt it would be much better for many of them compared to AA.

The piece includes

“AA has not changed since its introduction,” Howard said. “SMART Recovery changes with advancements in science … it teaches increasing self-reliance, rather than powerlessness. Individuals talk with one another, rather than to one another.”

The program does not utilize sponsors and also shuns labels like “alcoholic” or “addict.” Attendance is encouraged for months and even years, but not necessarily for a lifetime.

For Howard, the desire to see alternative substance abuse programs around military bases stems from a personal place.

“My husband began to self-medicate with alcohol heavily after returning from his last tour in Iraq,” Howard said. After two inpatient stays, the couple realized the 12-step approach used by AA was not successful for their situation, as it did little to address the underlying issues. Howard’s husband had to jump through hoops to receive treatment for his alcohol issue, which was paired with post traumatic stress disorder, Howard said.

I feel self empowerment and learning to deal with issues is so much more useful than blaming a made up disease, branding yourself as an alcoholic and claiming to be powerless.  I hope more people follow the military lead on this. They also talk about using multiple support systems and I feel this can be a good idea for some.





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  1. This is great to see! I am a big SMART Recovery fan. I find this article very important because one thing that really infuriates me is US soldiers being mandated to AA and NA meetings! These men and women sacrifice for our country, and to think our own government would violate veterans and soldiers constitutional rights by forcing a religious cult like AA is horrible.More veterans need to complain and not allow religion forced upon them. Especially a religion not of one’s choosing. There should always be secular options and the government should never show preferences for AA or NA.

    So glad to see SMART Recovery helping our troops!

  2. I think everyone should be in a position to make an informed choice. When I went to AA I met an army major who was concerned that the 12 steps contradicted so much that a soldier was trained to think like. I think the powerless concept would be pretty useless to somebody trained to fight. I hope many people follow the army approach and stories like this will give Smart some serious credibility. There is a huge problem with ex servicemen having alcohol abuse problems in the uk, and they do not great support at times.

  3. WOW —- this is great news!!!!!!

  4. LovingLife52- I agree that everyone should have an informed choice and a secular choice. AA contradicts what is also taught in therapy as well. This just adds to the massive confusion by many AA and NA members.
    Plus many 12 steppers discourage professional help.

    There are way too many suicides by our serviceman and women. I am not sure about the ones in the UK. But the mental Health available has been dismal. There has been an attempt to improve this, but it is still not enough. I am so glad to see SMART Recovery getting involved to help.

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