The sober revolution – calling time on wine o’clock

This is another book that covers a similar subject to the one written by Gabriel Glasser. It looks at the relationship women have with drink today. There is quite a lot in the press at the moment about “binge drinking” which is the visible and ugly side of town center life. There is also a growing problem with people who have been influenced by advertising and the changing of attitudes towards drinking, and what is acceptable behaviour over the years. The freedom of the rave culture  of the 80’s has resulted in a whole group of people who have been exposed to drink and drugs, who probably would not have been involved in the past.

The sober revolution - calling time on wine o'clock

The sober revolution – calling time on wine o’clock

The first part of the book is by Lucy Rocca, who setup the soberistas site which is UK based, and has grown really fast in last year, compared to other similar  recovery sites. She talks about her life and how the drinking got worse over time. She then talks about what she did to change things and how her life has turned out. She was not attracted to the 12 step world of AA which I see as a good thing, as it did not seem a good approach to me. She worked on methods of self empowerment, such as ways of altering her battered self-esteem. She talks about how things have changed over time and how she views alcohol in a completely different way to when she was abusing it. She concentrates on talking about positive ways of spending time such as running and meditation which have also been things that helped me.

The second part of the book is by  Sarah Turner who is a therapist and talks about various people from different walks of life that have been helped to recover. I think many people will relate to this, as it is up to date compared to some of the publications that AA recommend, and is about normal people who have progressed into a life of drinking too much over time without really realising it. I am sure this will be very thought-provoking for many who are wondering if they have a drink problem. They will also be able to see the positive results from the many who have already given up. Hopefully people will realise that giving up alcohol is not the end of an enjoyable active life, in fact, it is quite the opposite for many.

I think books like this from normal people are really important. They are up to date and confront many of the issues that people face in the modern world. Most modern woman, seem to have some difficulties with self-esteem, but they react well in a group, when they find others who are in a similar position. The book has received some good reviews and the mainstream press and media have picked up on the site and have been really positive. The methods put forward by the book will really help those who would not normally ask for help. AA is not suitable for most people who have low self-esteem and there are also problems with predatory behaviour and poor advice from other members. The support group that is growing, as a result of this book and website is a really good thing, that I feel will help many.

I should also add that although the book and group is aimed at women, I am sure that many men will find the ideas helpful as well. I would recommend the book to anyone who is looking at the way they drink and worrying about it.


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