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I have been so busy recently that I have not kept up with the usual blogs and sites that I tend to look at. I am a member of the Soberistas site and thing it is fantastic how they are bringing so many people together, to share experiences of stopping drinking. It attracts a lot of people who would not join, or be attracted the traditional type of recovery group such as AA, and is a safe way to have some fellowship, especially for women.

Lucy Rocca, who set up the site is talking to Kenneth Anderson on his blog talk radio show. He setup the Hams network and I am actually reading his book on Harm reduction methods at the moment, as this is an area that I would like to know more about. I found the conversation really interesting as both have recovered using alternatives to AA, but are not judgemental of any type of approach. There is a good discussion about moderation as well as the cultural differences between alcohol consumption between the UK and USA.  I found this interesting as I have spent a lot of time in America and could see the difference myself and I think this is one of the reasons that many on the Soberistas site do not get far with moderation. The UK culture is far more about binge drinking than in the USA and so many are hard drinkers for many years,(Lucy and myself fall into this category). I think it important that people really look at different solutions, and find one that they think will work for them. I am also alcohol free and have been for many years, although I have seen people moderate who have changed and come to terms with aspects of their life that were causing problems. (I have also seen people relapse monumentally after trying to drink again!)

I liked the way that Lucy spoke about Soberistas providing fellowship, a bit like AA. I have always felt that the fellowship side and the getting involved, were the important parts of AA, rather than the steps, which are actually the thing, that turn people off, most of all. I am glad that Soberistas have provided fellowship without pushing a programme, because I really think that pushing people into a specific type of treatment without giving them a chance to decide for themself, is a big mistake. This is something that often happens in treatment centres that only offer one type of treatment (usually 12 step) without any regard for an individuals own beliefs or values. This often results in a poor outcome, whereas people who do research and find an appropriate method that suits then often do better, especially if they modify their approach with time.

It is great to hear two people who have used different approaches talk in such a friendly manner, and really show concern for others that are having problems and offer support, without resorting to the usual polarised views, of some who are loud in the recovery movement, and who are dismissive of any other approach than the one that they have used or are anti a recovery approach, even though some people obviously like it. It also good to hear people using empowering techniques which is what worked for me rather than believing I was powerless.

I think Soberistas could become really big in the future as there is a definite need for a support group without the religious connotations of AA. It is defiantly the place for those middle of the road people, who just need some support and who can then move on, without having to spend a lifetime in meetings. It is a place where people can offer and take advice that is based on common sense, rather than old-fashioned traditions that are never questioned.

Kenneth Anderson has his website here and has details of his book which I am reading.

Soberistas is here

My review of Lucy’s book is here although she has also written two others.

Here is the show and there is an archive of many other shows which you will probably find useful.


Online Self Help Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Kenneth Anderson on BlogTalkRadio

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