Soberistas site.

This is such a good site for people looking for support and is vastly superior to most non AA sites. It was set up by a lady in the UK for people who wanted to stop binge drinking. The site is here

There are a good balance of people here. Some have been sober for a while, but many are in their first year. It is popular with people who are not fans of AA, although AA members are also welcome and do contribute. It does not have the pointless confrontation of some other sites and people treat each-other with respect. As a result, members can make good decisions about their own path in recovery. It is not one-sided, like many other forums. There is a chat room, which is going to be expanded in the near future and seems to be going all the time. The site has thousands of members, and seems to have grown in the last year, after mentions in the press and on TV.

I feel the site has a really positive message. There is a lot of talk on health issues such as food and is a safe place. It also has commenting from those in the counselling industry who give good advice. The site is UK-based, like this one, but has members from all over the world.

Here are some videos and radio. including a recent tonight show from the UK that features people from the site.

Here is a review from the Daily Mail

The site has grown a lot since this was written.

There is also a soberistas wordpress blog

It is worth signing up to wordpress even if you do not want to start a site just to use the reader. You can collect all your favourite blogs together and see when a new post come up.  Most people find my site this way, especially as it is new.

I am really glad that people are using the internet in this way and doing something new and innovative. It is great for people who are new to recovery to mix with others in a safe environment, and to see balanced discussion. I wish it had been around ten years ago! I understand they are going to do a big upgrade in the next few days.




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  1. There is now video chat rooms so you will need a makeover!

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