Stanton Peele and Tom Horvath Smart Webinar

Stanton Peele emailed me this to put on the blog. It is a live webinar with Tom Horvath and Stanton which may interest many of you. Stanton recently wrote a pice for this blog about Mindfulness


Stanton Peele Life Process Program

Talking about Addiction for Kids and Young Adults – SMART Approaches with Drs. Stanton Peele and Tom Horvath

Saturday, February 20, 2016, 5:00 PM EST


This will be a wide-ranging talk about addiction and today’s youth and teens. Dr. Horvath, SMART’s President will interview Dr. Stanton Peele on what is needed in society, in public policy, for parents, and for those in the caring and justice professions, to better help our young people. For young adults, we want to show you the power of making your own choices and having solid resources for decision-making readily available, so you can assess what’s best for you and live lives of freedom and power.


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