Starting alcoholism recovery with the Sinclair Method

This weeks podcast on and features a conversation with Jo, who lives in the UK and who has decided to start the Sinclair Method to beat alcoholism. She is really very positive about using medication to help beat a her problems with alcohol,and has made use of many online resources to find out about this underused solution.

Like many people she has tried to stop drinking a few times, and went to AA and in fact still attends meetings. She has managed a period of abstinence but found some of the ideas in AA did not really help. She has also made use of counselling services to deal with problem issues from the past which is something that really helped me. I was not comfortable with talking about all my issues with a sponsor in AA and felt it was better to deal with those types of problems in a controlled environment, especially as I had experienced issues with confidentiality in the AA world.

We talk about what Jo hopes to gain from the Sinclair method and why she chose it over other solutions. We discuss how it feels to start the treatment and the effects of the medication. Jo seems to be doing well straight away with this solution, which does not work instantly for many people. For most heavy drinkers the effects of extinction are felt after a few months and they often taper off to complete abstinence.

I have certainly seen The Sinclair Method work well for many different people who comply with taking their tablet one hour before drinking alcohol. Some people do have problems getting hold of the medication, despite it being available on the NHS. Not all GP’s are willing to prescribe Nalmefene, and some health authorities insist that people go to a specialist alcohol clinic before being treated this way. This prevents some from getting the help they need and is a great shame, especially as the tablets are available over the counter in many other countries.

I really enjoyed chatting to Jo who I met in a Facebook online recovery group and I hope to do more podcasts with her in the future, to see how she is getting on in a few months. I think it will be interesting to see how things have changed for her, and how the solution is helping her.

Here are some useful links about The Sinclair Method


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  2. I woudld look at the sites I have listed at the bottom. This one gives an overview but these are run by people who can provide direct help

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