Step 6 and 7 of AA Discussion

This is the new podcast from about recovering from alcoholism. This one talks about the good and bad side of Step Six and Seven of AA, and is the fifth of a series of discussions with Jon who has his blog at about the 12 steps which make up the core of the AA programme and are described in chapter 5 of the Big Book. Jon was an AA member for many years but has also done some CBT type therapy and read a lot on other solutions. He has helped take people through the steps and has many years of continued abstinence from alcohol. At one time he thought that AA was correct in all its ideas, but has modified his views.

I was always cynical of the religious side of AA and just accepted it was from the mid west of America in the 1930’s and really made use of the fellowship rather than “the Steps”. I always used to dislike chapter 5 being read out in meetings and always felt the need to take personal responsibility for my recovery. I can certainly see the need for change to stay sober, but am not sure asking God to remove defects of character is the best approach to do this.

Steps 6 and 7 of AA are as follows:

Step 6

Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character

Step 7

Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings



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