Story in the independent about alcohol

Story in the independent about alcohol

I thought this was quite a good piece for a change for something in the British press about the alcohol problem the UK faces.

Alcohol is compared to other drugs, and many of the comments under the piece show the type of thinking that is common in the UK. People have been taken in by the smooth image promoted by advertising and are desperate to keep us as a boozy nation. I think that the fact that alcohol is socially acceptable , means that more people are going to end up with all types of health problems as a result. A ban on advertising the stuff would help in the way that attitudes to smoking changed after the government finally did something.

I have noticed that adverts for those new “E” cigarettes are now being shown on TV even though that hardly promotes a healthy lifestyle. Drink adverts are everywhere and then people wonder why a significant number develop problems. The UK drug policy is hypocritical and the amount of money spent on helping those with a drinking problem is tiny. Most simply get a detox, rather than some proper counselling that would bring some good results.




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