I got an email from Ashley, who wrote this great piece on  and invited me to post it here. I had a good look at the site and thought it had some really useful information and would certainly recommend you...

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I discovered another blog about the Sinclair Method. This one is interesting as it being kept by somebody who is making a log of how things are changing for him over time. It starts with his first day of...

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Videos on Alcoholism recovery worth watching

I'm An Alcoholic: My Name Is... Here are a couple of things that I have watched this week. The first was on Channel 5 in the Uk and was called  I'm An Alcoholic: My Name Is….  You can watch the...

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Jaco – The Film

Last night I watched the amazing documentary "Jaco" by Metallica Bassist, Robert Trujillo about the life of Jaco Pastorius, who changed the way bass was played. I am a similar age to Robert and saw Jaco live a couple of...

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Step 6 and 7 of AA Discussion

This is the new podcast from about recovering from alcoholism. This one talks about the good and bad side of Step Six and Seven of AA, and is the fifth of a series of discussions with Jon who has his...

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Recovering from Recovery Blog Introduction.

Welcome to my blog about recovering from Alcoholism and Addiction which generally contains posts about non 12 step recovery. I was a member of AA for a while, but decided it did not have all the answers for me...

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Dr Roy Eskapa Podcast Sinclair Method

The Cure for Alcoholism - The Sinclair Method with Dr Roy Eskapa. I was very lucky to meet Dr Roy Eskapa who wrote a great book on how to recover from alcoholism called "The Cure For Alcoholism" which is about the...

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Podcasts about Alcoholism Recovery

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FREE Alcohol Counselling from C Three Europe

C Three Europe. As many of you will know, if you follow this blog, I am an admirer of the C Three Foundation which was setup by the actress Claudia Christian, who has beaten alcoholism herself by using the Sinclair Method. I...

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This is just a quick post to mention that I have another post on which is about Dr David Sinclair who did the research that led to the Sinclair Method using  Naltrexone. Here is a direct link

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