The Mao way

Cure addiction the Mao Tse-tung way

When he threatened to kill opium smokers, they gave up. What does that tell you?
The above is a title of  a Piece about the disease theory which I consider to be a poor excuse used by many in AA etc. I do not feel it helps an addict to brand them as suffering from an incurable disease but rather help them to change there ways and help them with matters like self confidence and improving their self image. Different methods of help are required for the varying circumstances people find themselves in.
There is a space for comments and I wonder how the debate will go. Normally you get a lot of Big Book thumpers from AA saying how AA has saved them without any acknowledgement of the massive failure Rate by the 12 step movement.
Trinny seems to really be going for it today. She is in many of the papers talking about her problems in the past. She now appears to be in a relationship with Charles Saatchi who seems to have a thing about women who struggle with addiction. He has just left Nigella Lawson who apparently  has many issues. I wonder what attracts him to these ladies, is it the fact they are damaged?

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  1. There is more from the spectator today. This guy seems to want the death penalty for addicts. The far right seems to take policies from the far left these days. He argues addiction is not an illness.

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