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Ted Talk by Claudia Christian

A few weeks ago, I went to watch the TEDx talks in London. The last speaker was Claudia Christian who talked about her past issues with alcohol and how she has overcome these problems, by using The Sinclair Method. Here is a video of the talk she did and it is well worth watching if you wish to learn more about the Sinclair Method and how it can help somebody beat alcoholism or alcohol use disorder as Claudia refers to it here.

I feel this is a really impressive talk on the subject and explains briefly, how this solution can help people,especially those who have struggled with other methods. Many are put off by the old-fashioned solutions that have a religious base and many people would not have to be locked up in rehabs if they had access to the Sinclair Method, which uses an opiate blocker such as Naltrexone or Nalmefene to chemically extinguish an addicts cravings for alcohol over a period of time.

What really impressed me is how relaxed Claudia (and many others who use the Sinclair Method) are, when faced with triggers, that can cause people to drink. Claudia talks about her lack of reaction to roadside billboards, advertising wine, that have always affected her in the past. This is often not the case for people who make use of 12 step solutions, who often live in fear of relapse at social events and who have not always come to terms with their drink problem despite working their programme for many years.

The online video is under 15 minutes long and is well worth watching if you want a great introduction to the Sinclair Method.

One Little Pill on Amazon Prime

Claudia has also made a film called “One Little Pill” which has been out on Vimeo and DVD for some time now. It is now available on Amazon Prime, which is a great streaming service, that can be watched all over the world. “One Little Pill” gives much more detail on using the Sinclair Method and includes interviews from many leading figures in the recovery world including Dr David Sinclair who discovered the solution. This film goes into more detail than the Ted Talk and is really worth watching if you are looking for a solution for an alcohol problem.

Claudia has also setup the C Three  foundation which also has a UK branch for those of you who wish to learn more.

There is a basic guide to The Sinclair Method Here.


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  2. On April 17, 2017 I started my own journey towards ending alcohol abuse and sobriety. I went to AAA meetings, even found a sponsor, and one month through realized that AN was just not for me. Besides being a self-professed atheist, I just couldn’t relate to The notion that a higher power could return me to sobriety or that I needed to make a list of my moral defects. I believe in science. After Peru zing the Internet looking for alcohol addiction therapies I stumbled on Claudia Christians Ted talk video. I sheepishly approach to my psychiatrist that I see on a regular basis and sheepishly asked if he’d ever heard of the Sinclair method. Much to my surprise my psychiatrist advised that he indeed uses naltrexone to treat his patients that are abusing alcohol and he has over a 90% success rate with the medication combined with therapy. I have been using the Sinclair method for the last three weeks and I can tell you it has completely changed my life. No more white knuckling it or avoiding billboards advertising alcohol on my daily commute. In fact I’ve had an open bottle of wine on my counter for two weeks which used to be my kryptonite. I am also writing a blog documenting my process and experience with the Sinclair method in the hopes it will reach other people and help somebody else. Someone that was also looking for an alternative to AAA or praying. I can’t understand why the Sinclair method is not widely used in the United States, honestly I believe it’s because there is no money in it. A generic bottle of naltrexone is about $10. Where as rehab is thousands of dollars and a multimillion dollar business. I think Dr. Sinclair should have won a Nobel prize for his research. I know this method has completely changed my life, and I’m sure it could help so many other people suffering out in this world.

    • Michael D (Lovinglife52) June 1, 2017 at 5:31 pm · · Reply

      Hi Rachel,I am really glad the Sinclair Method works for you well. This site gives the basics for anyone who is interested. I went to the Ted talk and had a chat with Claudia. She also did the excelent film “One Little Pill” which you can watch on Amazon which is really worth a look.
      Send me a link to your blog. Best wishes Mike

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