The Thinking Atheist 12 Step Episode:

Here is a quick post to link to an excellent podcast about recovery. It is by The Thinking Atheist  and the topic is 12 Step Recovery. Many who go to AA etc, are put off by the religious side of the programme. It did not appeal to me, and so I just accepted that AA came from the Midwest of America and ignored that side of it. Eventually, I got fed up with hearing about “Higher Powers” and moved on. I had made use of AA as a sober group to be part of, and found being with people with multiple years of sobriety in my early days was inspiring. If they could beat alcoholism, then I felt that I had a chance.

The podcast features Jon who often contributes to my own podcasts.

Here is a quote from the podcast Youtube page

Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery programs often invoke (or require) a “Higher Power.” How effective is this, and are there better alternatives for beating addiction and overcoming ? We explore 12-step programs, the often religious language they use, and some secular alternatives.

I feel this podcast is very fair to AA, and illustrates many of the pros and cons of this support group, for the Atheist. AA divides opinion, and you can see many pro and anti comments on the youtube page, although I do wonder if many of the people commenting had actually listened to it!



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