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Here is a quick post linking to AfterPartyMagazine which has a piece by Tracy Chabala which mentions this site and Jon Sleeper’s site as well as a few of the more extreme Anti AA sites. Here is the link



She talks about sites such as the Orange Papers which has been around for a long time and Stinkin Thinkin which is now just an archive of some posts, but was once a really fast moving blog that was controversial and amusing.

She mentions this site here.

The Empathetic Approach

Another site, and one that’s very dear to me, called Recovering From Recovery, is dedicated to helping people who want to leave AA leave without fear, but the site noticeably lacks antagonism or AA-bashing.

On this site, the user known as ILoveLife writes intelligent and empathetic posts about how to disengage from AA when you are an active member. It’s extremely helpful for anyone too afraid to take this plunge because they hear that if they leave, they will drink again.

(No, not all members think this, but it’s a premise in the Big Book and Twelve and Twelve, and I found in my eight years in the program that roughly 80% of step-working sober members did believe pulling out was a major danger. Also true is that there are enough step-working AA members who have encouraged me to just follow my own path without telling me I’m doomed to an alcoholic death.)

Here’s an excerpt from perhaps one of the most important posts on the RecoveringFromRecovery site called “Leaving AA and Staying Sober”:

I would say you have to be pretty stable to walk away from your support group in recovery. I am not trying to paint a picture, where all you have to do is leave AA to have a great sober life. That is the impression some try to give on forums such as the anti AA Orange Papers forum, and I think this could lead to disaster for some, who need people around them. You have to be honest to yourself about how things are going and why. Some people need more support than others. Some may feel AA is like a cult and should do something about that, while others will just find it irrelevant and boring.

Here is a link to a really old post about why I don’t bother with the Anti AA world and here is a link to a piece I did for which got quite a few comments from the type of people that love the Orange papers, who are always ready to tell others what they should be doing, especially if they are not shouting out that AA is a dangerous cult. They are as narrow minded as the Big Book thumpers in AA and really do not help the recovery movement support each other.


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