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New Sinclair Method group on Facebook.

I got an Email from Angela which mentioned her new group on Facebook for people who are making use of the Sinclair Method. It is great to see people supporting each other in this way online. I think The Sinclair Method could help so many people if more people find out about it.


Here is her email

I use Naltrexone and follow The Sinclair Method. There are a couple forums for TSM but I couldn’t find a closed group in Facebook so I started one for those who use Naltrexone, Nalmafene, Vivitrol, etc.. Unfortunately, its not promoted from a website, FB page or podcast so it’s been difficult getting the word out about it. If you would like to add it to your resources, feel free to do so. “Your Choice, Your Recovery” https://www.facebook.com/groups/livingalifeofchoice/

I was also sent a link to this video which is on YouTube and talks about The Sinclair Method. It is worth watching if you want to understand the basics of The Sinclair Method. It is by Paul Turner who has treated people with alcohol problems for many Years.



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