A year using the Sinclair Method

The Sinclair Method Podcast.

Here is the latest podcast about The Sinclair Method and it features Ben who has used the method to beat his alcoholism for about a year now and has improved his life as result. We we discuss his background and how he tried many solutions before finding out about the Sinclair Method which uses Naltrexone or another opioid blocker to chemically extinguish the cravings for alcohol online.

Success for a year using The Sinclair Method.

It is great to hear from somebody who has used this excellent method to beat alcohol problems and compare it to my own and other people’s experience. It does seem that people who comply with the Sinclair Method and take their tablet one hour before drinking alcohol do really well compared to people using traditional faith-based solutions such as AA. Many people in AA who are about a year into their recovery are still stressed by the thought of drinking and are still craving alcohol badly. This does not seem to be the case with those who make use of the medication in the Sinclair Method.

Nalmefene for use with The Sinclair Method


Tablets for the Sinclair Method.

We discuss how hard it was for Ben to get hold of the tablets, which seems to be a common problem with using the Sinclair Method. We also talk about the book “A cure for Alcoholism” by Dr Roy Eskapa which has helped so many people understand the research done by Dr David Sinclair, after whom this method is named. We also mention some of the minor side effects that Ben has experienced.

Sinclair Method Online.

We talk about how to find out information about using the Sinclair Method online, which seems to be where most people find out about the solution, and mention some online communities that are worth looking at. We also talk a bit about my own recovery and how I beat my own issues with alcoholism. I did not use the Sinclair Method because I had not heard of it and as a result spent 10 difficult years stopping and starting which I believe could have been avoided.

Here are some useful links about The Sinclair Method.




This is the best forum for the Sinclair Method for accurate information http://optionssavelives.freeforums.net/

There is also a category on this site about The Sinclair Method https://www.recoveringfromrecovery.com/category/sinclair-method/


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  1. Great post about the ” A cure for Alcoholism” using Sinclair method! Keep sharing such posts

  2. Am so glad to find out about this treatment.
    My husband has been struggling with alcohol use disorder and would like to know how I can get these tablets for him.

    Would you please recommend for us where we can buy them?

    Am based in Kenya and ready to ship them from anywhere.

    Kindly advise us on how to go about the treatment too.

    Thank you very much in advance and for sharing your stories. They give us hope.


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